AMRO-TON TABLET Genral Tonic (Combo)-includes 200 tablets


A Comperhensive Metabolic Tonic and Rejuvenator.
General Weakness and Nervous Exhaustion.
Loss of weight and Convalescence.

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Each 500 mg uncoted tablet Contains
Ashwagangha Ext. 125 mg
Satvary Ext. 100 mg
Vidarikand Ext 50 mg
Sud Shilajit 50 mg
Gokharu Ext 50 mg
Balbeej Ext 50 mg
Amla Ext. 50 mg
Jethimadh Ext.25 mg
Excipients Q.s.

★ 100% Natural and Very Effective

सेवन विधि: –

सुबह नास्ता करने के 30 मिनिट बाद 2 टेबलेट “Ambroton” तथा शाम को भोजन करने के 30 मिनिट बाद 2 Tablet”Ambroton” गुन गुने पानी के साथ नियमित सेवन करे


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